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From Dan's Desk: Holiday eating edition

Ah yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Plenty of mouth-watering foods, delicious desserts, and all in massive quantities and portion sizes.

This is also a time of the year when people can start to feel guilty about losing their progress, or simply fall off the rails altogether and look to just start fresh in the new year.

It really doesn’t need to be so complicated or guilt-ridden. I’ve found three simple solutions to make holiday eating easier.

Eat your meals as you would normally.

Overeating one day per week isn’t going to stunt your progress or undo any progress you’ve already made. Read that again. Sure, there will be a little increase on the scale the next morning, but if you get right back on track with your meals and training, everything will work itself out back to normal in a few days. Have peace of mind, enjoy yourself guilt-free, and use those extra calories to crush your next workout. Holiday gains are the best!

To eat, or not to eat. Is it really even a question?

Balance the days around your big meals.

To me, this is the second-best option. This would be for those who are “really trying to be good” and feel like eating all those excess calories will be a hindrance to the progress they’ve made or the journey that they are presently on. Totally cool! Maybe you skip breakfast or lunch the day of the feast, or maybe you miss one meal the day before and one meal the day after. However you wish to balance it, remember to keep a focus on protein and hydrating throughout the day, especially if you’re partaking in adult beverages.

Don’t enjoy the holiday meals at all.

Believe it or not, I have worked with people who have done this and thought this way. Sure, if you’re in the midst of intense dieting and preparation for a bodybuilding or figure show, or just want to be completely dialed in at all, then by all means, do not partake. This level of discipline is off the charts, and I applaud you, somewhat.

Final thoughts

Choose the camp you want to be in and own it. Overthinking and indecision will get you nowhere but staying in one place. Let me know what you think and what route you decide to take.

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