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Consistent Effort Always Wins

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to get stronger, lose fat, or maximize performance. Anyone who gets results over the long term achieves their results through consistency of effort over time.

It is my opinion and experience that if Person A, who goes to the gym five days per week and goes through the motions, barely puts in any effort, and doesn’t have any kind of direction, will not see the progress of Person B, who does the exact opposite, even if Person B only goes to the gym three days per week. Consistent effort in the right direction will win every time.

It's not by accident that our members who get the best results are getting activity with us and on their own 3-6 times per week. Of course, there are some outliers, as quality workouts win over quantity. However, when the quality is there, three days per week beats two days, which beats one day.

No matter your goal, consistent effort is the only way to get there effectively.

More isn't always better; better is better. However, if you can do more of these better workouts, then that will amplify your results.

Another thing to consider is how you are recovering from your efforts. Is your sleep and nutrition on point? Do you have outside stressors affecting your recovery? Your five days of high-effort workouts are great but maybe you’d be better off doing three days and letting your body recover better on the other two. This will make you recharged and ready to absolutely crush your workout, which will provide major gains down the road.

So, whether you're aiming to get stronger, lose fat, or maximize performance, your progress will stall at some point in some way. This is natural and shouldn’t be looked upon negatively. This is a time to stay the course and continue to put forth consistent effort and manage your overall lifestyle to help supplement that hard work that you’re doing.

So, is it all about effort, or all about consistency? I say it's both.

I hope this provides you with some clarity as you head toward your next goal.

One More thing

If you'd like some help in getting started, I urge you to check out our Sexy & Hard To Kill Online Training Program. This four-week program provides five days' worth of workouts encompassing all things strength, endurance, mobility, and more to build you into an absolute weapon of a human being!

Our FREE API Warmup Template supplements nicely with this program or as something you can do before your next run or as a light workout on your lunch break. Click here to download it now!

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