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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Individualized and scientific performance training for athletes and adults


Our sports performance and adult fitness training systems provides results that speak for themselves!


Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to lose a few pounds, we provide quality and effective research-based training methods, combined with the use of realistic and attainable steps, to take your fitness and performance to the next level.

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One of our longtime corporate clients, Golden Triangle Construction

Dan Minnicks is much more than a trainer, he's a true coach. The trainer can implement a plan to build competence, but only a coach can inspire performance. He is conscious about pushing me but also keeping me healthy and this season we've been working on more of the mental side of performance. I always look forward to my sessions with Dan, even on days where I don't feel like putting in the work. He can always motivate me to do my best. Because of the work I've put in with Dan, I am an eight-time adult national medalist and I couldn't have done it without such a supportive coach.


3x U.S. Adult National Champion

8x Adult National Medalist

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