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Are you looking to get in shape for your first marathon? Need to gain some strength? Looking to get faster for next season? Want to train like a Jedi? If you're aiming to take your training up a notch, API has you covered!


If you're still unsure of what's right for you, check out our frequently asked questions page here, or feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

The Apex package

For the serious individual who wants to achieve their personal Apex and expects nothing less! Change your life by leaving no stone unturned. Bringing an all-out barrage of services and tools to help you get the most out of your body and mind that’s unlike anything else offered in the region! The Apex Package includes:


-  Unlimited personal or semi-private training sessions per month

-  One-60 minute Nutrition Optimization session specific to your needs/goals

-  Three 30-minute follow-up Nutrition Optimization sessions

-  One grocery shopping session

-  Off-day workouts that can be done at home with minimal or no equipment

-  Bring a friend to any three workouts (up to three people per month)

-  Two 60-minute massages with our partnered Licensed Massage Therapist

-  Advanced notice on free popup workouts


PLUS BONUS GIFTS: (one time only)

-  Inside Tracker Ultimate Test with Mobile Blood Draw

-  70 Recipe Shake Guide for healthy nutrition shakes and smoothies

Personal Training

Personalization is our middle name! No more cookie-cutter programs. No more lack of accountability. You’ll get the personal attention you deserve with a fully tailored training program and 1 on 1 coaching, all based on your initial thorough assessment. These programs are expertly designed based on science and experience to restore, optimize, and enhance how well you feel, move, and perform. They focus on all aspects of performance including strength, power, agility, mobility, endurance, and overall wellness.

Semi-Private TRaining

Our specialty! This is for the experienced person who still wants their own personalized program and focused coaching but in a small group setting. Groups are capped at a 5:1 client to coach ratio to ensure the highest coaching quality. This option requires a certain level of training competency. For newer clients, an initial 1 on 1 assessment and a small amount of personal training may be required first before progressing.

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Athlete Training

Small group:


We train athletes from youth to the professional level and everywhere in between! Training slots are kept in a small group format to ensure the highest quality coaching. Each athlete is given a program specific to their abilities and needs after our required one on one assessment. Our holistic and integrated approach to building the modern athlete brings a focus on developing speed, strength, power, agility, and endurance to further enhance performance and reduce injury risk. Besides these needs, we also train the eyes and brain! The visual and cognitive systems help develop confidence in your game by helping to slow the game down, make quicker decisions, and dominate. In addition to that, we educate all our athletes on the value of nutrition and hydration, as well as the importance of sleep. All of these factors influence performance but also recovery as well!



Is your team ready to play next season? Want to keep everyone together to build that team chemistry? We build workouts based on your team’s needs and goals using the same principles we use for our small groups year-round.


Speed Enhancement/Sport Specific/Testing Preparation:


Need a tuning up for you team testing? Combine prep? Looking for something specific you want to work on? Work one on one with us to help you put your best foot forward (literally).

Online/Virtual Training

Live far away and don’t want to travel? Already belong to a gym that you’re comfortable with? Have your own garage gym and like working out in the ease of your own home? We’ve got you covered! We utilize Zoom to watch your training session in real-time. We can also send a coach to you or if you just want a program and to be checked in on once in a while that’s fine, too!

Corporate Training

Have space in your business for employees to train? We travel to your location and bring equipment if needed. Or, you can book a time in our space for your group to train with one of our coaches!


Feeling stagnant in your training despite doing all the right things? Are you a team manager or head coach looking for the best way to enhance your team’s performance? Tired of being misinformed about what the best diet or training style is for you? Do you just need some honest direction? Contact us to schedule your consultation now!

Workshops & Presentations

Are you hosting an event and looking for someone to present to your audience? How about a hands-on workshop? Sports coaches looking to better train speed with your players? Needing healthy lifestyle tips and recommendations for your employees? Available for corporate and private events. Contact us now!

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