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Chrissy's Q&A: Should You Work Out Every Day?

Chrissy's Q&A is a bi-weekly feature from Apex Performance Integration's assistant coach, Chrissy Mangold. If you have a question, feel free to submit it in the comments below!


Great question!

Someone smart once told me, to start off by asking myself, "What can I do this week come hell or high water?”

For instance, can you make it to the gym two days per week no matter what? Great! Start there. Make those two days per week your normal routine. Then from there, you can add days! When starting out, you want to do something that is within your reach and that you can succeed at instead of continually missing days and risking feeling like a failure and potentially quitting altogether.

In short, yes, I think you should do some sort of movement every day, but I don't think you have to strength train in a gym every day. Ideally, if you can get in three days a week of strength training you are doing the body good!

Working out via strength training and cardio is crucial for your health. However, that can take time out of an already busy schedule. You can get exercise in lots of ways such as going for a walk or bike riding with your kids. (Another great way to start is by downloading the FREE API Warmup Template right here. These are all simple, low-intensity exercises that can be done anywhere!)

I think a great way to help is to start scheduling your workouts as appointments. You don't miss appointments for your hair, doctor, dentist, nails, etc., do you? You make these appointments a priority and workouts should be no different!

It's never too late to start. If you can only do one day per week, that is an amazing start! It is better than doing nothing.

Working out is THE best supplement for your body!

Thanks for the question, and let me know how you work things into your schedule!



P.S. If you're someone who is already consistent with your workouts but is looking to take things up a notch, I encourage you to check out our new Sexy & Hard To Kill Training Program! It's five days of workouts that can be done within your schedule and each exercise has video tutorials linked for you to reference.

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